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Not sure what leverage they have right now though. For me, the Big Ten has become a lot like lukewarm soup. Give me something hot or cold, rather than this compromise. From this perspective, I would like to see an expansion or contraction. In fact, I actually think the best setup would be 10 or 18 teams. With the first, you could return to an eight-game slate where everybody plays each other.

College Football Conference Championship Games Schedule

Much the same scenario would apply in basketball. Bump the conference schedule back down and play everybody in a home-and-home matchup.

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On the other end, you could easily split the teams into two nine-team divisions with 18 teams. For football, you could play every team in your division and one crossover game per year. Put the emphasis on divisional record to avoid scheduling imbalance. And for basketball, you could also consider organizing things by division. I will certainly admit that this is a bold approach.

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  5. Pick a lane. Football is in good shape. The divisions make geographic sense and are easy for fans to remember. At the inception of divisions, the Big 12 North and the SEC East were the dominant half of their respective leagues; over time, that flipped. Nine games is good--Big Ten schools should want to play each other more. On the basketball side, 20 conference games was a winner.

    UConn's athletic program is likely on the move to the Big East, just not the football team

    Two conference games in December was a winner. Fourteen is the right number. Bennett: I think it will change to either 16 or I agree with Thomas on the nine-game conference thing.

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    Why play nine games then? Basketball wise, I like the game conference schedule. Also, after two years, I think I am a fan of the December conference games. Beindit: This is going to be a bit of a rant, but I want to explain my perspective a bit before I highlight the teams I would target. As noted above, conference expansion in the modern era has been driven by college football, TV markets, and cable dollars. By my measure, these additions have been about getting more lucrative TV deals and earning the leagues more money.

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    Many have made those arguments elsewhere. However, I vehemently disagree with the notion that expansion should be driven by cable contracts. I believe expansion should be driven by additions that increase the inherent value of your league, increase the competition level, and actually drive success that fans care about. Focus on the things people actually care about. With that said, we can rule out schools that would be added solely to get access to an additional TV market or two.

    I want schools that fit the mold and will be competitive. All five would bring elite level play in at least one sport and would have at least one natural competitor in the Big Ten. AMH: Stand pat.

    This idea that conferences should always be looking to add new members is crazy. Fourteen is workable.

    Bennett: Texas and Notre Dame are obviously the big fish here. Notre Dame almost joined the league multiple times, most recently in Texas is the big candidate. The reasons are pretty obvious.

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    Storied, passionate, and well-known football program and fan base, recruiting footprint, increased revenue, and eyes on TV. Texas seems to run things in the Big 12, so would they be willing to give some of that up to join the Big Ten? Both of those options seem kind of remote. I really wish conferences would consider reorganizing into conferences based on the sport.

    More specifically, I think the public should just acknowledge that football is distinct at the college level and let teams organize separately in that sport. Again, this is a radical approach, but every time conference expansion is discussed, we always get the example of a volleyball team having to fly across the country at a. Football is bigger than any other varsity sport and is unique in the fact that both genders can though rarely play together. If another round of Power Five realignment happens, BYU is likely going to want to be in the mix to join one of those leagues.

    The AAC has made significant strides and they are clearly head and shoulders above their Group of Five peers. But from a perception standpoint —perception is king in college sports— the Cougars would appear to be giving up on any hopes of Power Five affiliation by moving their entire athletic department or their football program into a Group of Five conference.

    What reception would a move like that receive from prominent boosters and donors at BYU? BYU administrators love working with a conference that consists of faith-based institutions.

    There's a lull in conference-realignment talk, but another round could be coming

    The money is significantly better than the Mountain West days but also would appear to be higher than programs in the Group of Five today. Stay the path with independence for now and then reevaluate options when TV contracts are up in and A Twitter List by kslsports. BYU Cougars. Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr.