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I don't plan on having a burgeoning photography hobby, so I'm comfortable spending money on quality equipment for a single purpose, i. But I am looking for something that gives me feedback on poses hence the viewfinder , a self-timing continuous photo-taking, and possibly ability to be more forgiving given standard indoors lighting in a home 50mm lens versus 35mm?

Thanks for your help! I wouldn't say that one camera of the bunch would be better for you over another. The cameras with interchangeable lenses will give you the most flexibility, but when shopping for lenses or looking at fixed-lens cameras, check the minimum focus distance and think about your planned images to make sure you can focus on what you want to image. The Sony is a good choice, and it focuses down to about 2" in wide angle mode, approx. It is also a great size and very portable with all the features you mentioned. Thanks, Todd! This is helpful. I think the portable aspect is nice- maybe I don't need the interchangeable lens flexibility given my lack of experience anyway.

I don't know whether you have an opinion on the a relative to the "V" given my indoors, occasional photo shoots, but in my various reading, it seems like I might like either of those. Thanks again! Tough choice Not that the RX wouldn't, but changing lenses means you can do more If the "V" is too steep, check out the predecessors.

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All good cameras, just not as new! Thanks, Todd. Do any of the other recommended selfie devices have this ability? Thanks for your questions. When you place your order, if it is on the phone or in the store, feel free to mention that you did your research on Explora! Almost all of the cameras that I have used with WiFi have that feature. None of my Canon SLR cameras are selfie-friendly. But, to me, a smartphone doesn't match the performance of a DSLR; there's the "hunt-n-seek" focus that delays photos.. There's a reason why one sees photographers using mm, mm, mm and mm lenses shooting the Olympics, the Super Bowl and other events; they are a tool.

I agree.

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The smartphone is a fantastic solution for photography on many levels, mostly because we rarely are found without them on our person But, you are correct, they have their limits. The field is narrowing, however, as more and more barriers of physics are overcome by technology. I have used smartphones to photograph some vanity license plates. I got the focus close at a stop light to shoot 3.

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Some DSLRs have a " live view " mode that allows framing using the screen with image from the sensor. The larger sensor permits more light to be received by each pixel; this, combined with the relatively large lenses provides superior low-light performance. For the same field of view and the same aperture, a larger sensor gives shallower focus.

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They use interchangeable lenses for versatility. Usually some lenses are made for digital SLR use only, but recent trend the lenses can also be used in detachable lens video camera with or without adapter.

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DSCs are like point-and-shoot cameras and is, the most common type of cameras, due to its comfortable price and its quality. The total amount of light is not changed, just some of the light travels one path and some of it travels the other. Because there is no time at which light is not traveling along both paths, DSLT cameras get the benefit of continuous auto-focus tracking. This is especially beneficial for burst-mode shooting in low-light conditions and also for tracking when taking video.

A rangefinder is a device to measure subject distance, with the intent to adjust the focus of a camera's objective lens accordingly open-loop controller. The rangefinder and lens focusing mechanism may or may not be coupled. In common parlance, the term "rangefinder camera" is interpreted very narrowly to denote manual-focus cameras with a visually-read out optical rangefinder based on parallax. Most digital cameras achieve focus through analysis of the image captured by the objective lens and distance estimation, if it is provided at all, is only a byproduct of the focusing process closed-loop controller.

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A line-scan camera traditionally has a single row of pixel sensors, instead of a matrix of them. The lines are continuously fed to a computer that joins them to each other and makes an image. This is most commonly done by connecting the camera output to a frame grabber which resides in a PCI slot of an industrial computer. The frame grabber acts to buffer the image and sometimes provide some processing before delivering to the computer software for processing. Multiple rows of sensors may be used to make colored images, or to increase sensitivity by TDI time delay and integration.

Many industrial applications require a wide field of view.

Traditionally maintaining consistent light over large 2D areas is quite difficult. This makes possible sharp pictures of objects that pass the camera at high speed. Such cameras are also commonly used to make photo finishes , to determine the winner when multiple competitors cross the finishing line at nearly the same time.

They can also be used as industrial instruments for analyzing fast processes. Linescan cameras are also extensively used in imaging from satellites see push broom scanner. In this case the row of sensors is perpendicular to the direction of satellite motion. Linescan cameras are widely used in scanners.