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I'm also interested. They seem to have a decent rating on trust pilot. I couldn't see anywhere where it says that you can have both cashbacks. Can someone tell me if their cashback actually works? Three aren't throttled, I usually download around gb a month from downloads on there unlimited SIM only deal. Well, certainly not at 2mbps! Mobile reception is patchy but I can still get 25mbps! ADSL makes out at 5! Hope so.

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It took my four attempts to get the discount on my own account, so will probably leave it a week or so before contacting them again. Doesn't seem to be many Sky Mobile deal lately.

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Used to get alerted every other day on new Sky deals over summer. No mate. I tried over FB messenger and they were pretty black and white. I've been advised on another thread to try the text service. I'm going to try them now. Am in a similar situation to you :. How's Three been since the betwixt failure?

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I'm still on my old Sim deal, hopping black Friday brings something goos. Where's Seaniboy haven't seen him posting around for a while. Thought he would be all over this thread. If someone makes a claim, the least they can do is name the source. Amazing deal, although their signal is just shocking in the UK compared to other network companies. How legit are they with cashback? I went from Three after been on their network for around 8 years I went to use Voxi and now i'm on their Unlimited Max plan.

The differences between three and Vodafone is amazing Even when I get less than 10mbps on Vodafone and 80mbps on Three Vodafone still loads websites up faster! After experimenting i've concluded that a realiable network is far more important than speed and although this is great price unforunately I don't believe Three is a reliable network.

It's all relative to your location, the mast and the user base. For me this is acceptable for home broadband but it differs wildly on your location. Hopefully the re-use of spectrums they've announced will improve the signal in and around London. The signal in my area is brilliant. Been with them 2 years and have now opted for another 12 month sim deal.

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My wife is on o2 and it's terrible so I would say that it's dependent on the area. That's correct. Instead of restricting data at a certain point, Three do it from the start with a crap signal. One of the problems with most big data phone plans is that there are restrictions placed on your internet use. Many companies slow down your connection after a certain point, or only allow you to use a certain amount of data per month, or even only give you decent speeds at certain times of the day.

Three does NOT do this. There is a monthly data limit of GB. So essentially, yes, you really do get unlimited data. When you purchase a mobile phone, you can choose to buy a new handset along with the right SIM card, or go for a SIM Only package without the handset.

SIM Only deals come with different amounts of free minutes, text messages and mobile data. When mobile phones first came onto the market in the late s, there was no question of separating the SIM deal from the handset. Nowadays, SIMs are the nerve centre of most phones, storing data, contact details and determining the identity of mobile subscribers.

From the start, they have been used as an international standard, allowing them to be used in different makes of handset, although a number of different types of SIM are currently in use. SIM Only deals involve two parties — the customer and the mobile network provider. All that the mobile company does is to provide the customer with a SIM card , which can contain an agreed amount of data, and the customer agrees to pay a certain amount every month for the use of the card.

SIM Only deals can last for a wide variety of contract lengths, which is one of the key differences with SIM and phone deals. By only renting the SIM identity, mobile users can pay for short bursts of phone activity, or extend their contract for months or years, whatever works best for them. Data — Modern mobile phones require powerful data processing capabilities to run apps and access online services like video or audio streaming.

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  5. Minutes — Mobile providers compete to provide customers with the largest amount of free minutes per month, with offers providing as much as hours, which is more than most people will need. Sending individual text messages might be cheap, but if you send or a month, the cost can stack up. Many SIM Only deals include generous amounts of free texts as many as 5, are common, while some even offer unlimited texts. Obviously, not many people will send that many texts per month, but if you do rely on SMS messaging, these are the deals to go for.

    SIM Only deals are also divided by mobile companies into packages for different kinds of user. These include light, moderate and heavy mobile users. The price difference between the different tiers can be significant, but if you rely on your phone , buying the extra capacity is well worth it.

    As well as for smartphones , customers can purchase SIM Only deals for tablets. These use what are called Data SIMs which cannot be used in mobile phones.

    The key feature here is data, with amounts stretching from around 2GB to as much as 20 or 30GB. If you need to use your tablet regularly on public wi-fi networks, these are the SIM deals to go for. SIM Only deals are the right deal for people who value flexibility. If you are on the move all the time and only need to use your phone for short periods of time, a SIM Only deal can keep your costs low. You can agree to a contract lasting for a couple of weeks which is useful if you are in the country for a short period of time , without needing to buy a phone.

    They are also handy for people who like to keep their old phones. There may be a small charge attached to cancellation, but it will be far less than for a lengthy contract. Additionally, SIM Only deals do away with the need to add credit to your pay as you go phone. This can really help if you need your phone in emergencies, or you are the kind of person who often forgets to charge up their credits.

    When you need to upgrade, this could raise the cost of buying a new phone. Choosing the right company to sign your SIM Only contract with is essential. Not all companies offer generous rates to new users, even if they provide cheap deals for existing customers, so beware of poor rates. However, these are on. On the other hand, Virgin Media offer introductory packages that come with more free features. These packages are designed to prevent users accessing their mobile network if they go over a pre-agreed level of data usage or call minutes.

    If you find it hard to moderate your phone usage, and you are worried about spiralling monthly costs, a deal like this could be ideal. Some of the best are provided by Carphone Warehouse. Nowadays, many mobile owners choose to use their devices to stream movies and TV shows while they are on the move, and there are special SIM Only unlimited data packages and other for this kind of activity. Giffgaff and Three offer packages with large data allowances that are tailored to streaming fans. However, always remember that packages for heavy users come with a much higher price tag.

    Data allowance of 20 to 30GB can be three times as expensive as basic packages, so think twice before choosing the most comprehensive package — it could well be a waste of money. When you come to decide, there are other things to consider beside minutes, SMS and data.

    For example, networks have differing signal strengths. To find out who offers the strongest signal near you, head to the websites of each provider and use their coverage checker tools to find out the local signal strength :. These tools allow you to find out whether your favourite network has the capability to deliver super-fast 4G broadband to your phone.

    If you have decided to go for a SIM Only deal, finding the best possible deal is a challenge. A good start to find the cheapest SIM Only deals around and to find out what your requirements are, is by using a price comparison website like uSwitch or Cable.

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    7. These sites will then compare SIM Only deals and provide a list of suppliers with packages meeting your needs. After that, head to hotukdeals to find out whether these companies are currently running any promotions or cheap SIM deals. Unlike smartphones, when you can secure bargains on older phones as new models are announced, SIM Only deals can be purchased anytime. However, major companies tend to offer big reductions at certain times of year. Check out their deals at the start of the student year. Phone companies know that students are a big market, and often target them with special offers.

      Also, be sure to follow their deals around Black Friday and Cyber Monday in late November and the beginning of December.